Renshi Paul Klara

(Rokudan, 6th degree black belt)

Sensei Paul Klara is a 6th degree black belt and has been practicing Ju-Jitsu since 1986. He is a certified instructor by the American Ju-Jitsu Association with ranking from both the AJA and the Dai-Nippon Seibukan Budo/Bugei-kai (USA), Kyoto, Japan. He is a father of two children and is experienced at teaching the art of jujitsu to both adults and children. He is a professional engineer for the U.S. Army.

Sensei Scott Finley ("Doc")

(Yodan, 4th degree black belt)

Sensei Scott Finley is a 4th degree black belt and has been practicing Ju-Jitsu since 2006. He is a father of two and assists Sensei Klara during classes. He is a physician specializing in Medical Informatics.

Sensei Mario Harold

(Godan, 5th degree black belt)

Sensei Mario Harold is a Godan (5th degree black belt) and has been practicing Ju-Jitsu since the mid-1990s. His work as a hospital security guard gives him first-hand knowledge of and experience with self-defense.

Sensei Emeritus

Meijin Dennis McCurdy

(Judan, 10th degree black belt)

Dr. John D. McCurdy ran the Daitobukan Dojo from 1985 through 2013. He is ranked in the sword arts by the Dai-Nippon Iaido Renmei and All Japan Kendo Federation, and is cross certified with the Kokusai Budoin. He is licensed to teach Ju-Jutsu in Japan by the Japanese government through the Nippon Kobudo Kumiai and is the Chairman of the Certification Board for the Dai-Nippon Seibukan Budo/Bugei-kai (USA), Kyoto, Japan. A 10th Dan (Judan) with over 30 years of experience teaching Ju-Jutsu, Dr. McCurdy is President of the American Ju-Jitsu Association (AJA) and is internationally recognized with the title of Meijin. Dr. McCurdy is also an internationally recognized scientist retired from the U.S. FDA.

Hanshi Terry Feelemyer

(Kudan, 9th degree black belt)

Hanshi Terry Feelemyer began teaching at the Daitobukan Dojo in 1986. He is the Northern Regional Director of the American Ju-Jitsu Association (AJA). He is ranked by Dai-Nippon Seibukan Budo/Bugei-kai (USA), Kyoto, Japan as 9th Dan (Hanshi) in Ju-Jitsu and 6th Dan (Rokudan) in Judo. His AJA Ju-Jitsu rank is 8th Dan (Hachidan). Hanshi Feelemyer is a Professional Engineer and an Executive Project Manager with a large Baltimore-based engineering & contracting company.

Meaning of the term “hanshi”

The highest teaching title of instructor in many organizations is “hanshi.” "Han" means example, model or pattern. "Shi" means gentleman, samurai or warrior, or scholar. As the title implies, the person is a perfect model, literally "model-person", a teacher of teachers. Awarding a hanshi involves being in the martial arts (whichever they are) for decades as well as a certain age and maturity. A hanshi also makes significant contributions to his martial art and the principles and concepts of their art pervade every aspect of their life.

An instructor may first be recognized in this way with the title "renshi." The next higher honor is the title of "shihan." "Hanshi" is the next title (and often the highest conferred). In some organizations a still-higher title of "dai-hanshi" is also used, and beyond dai-hanshi the title of "meijin" is occasionally used. "Meijin" literally translated means "Brilliant Man."

Organizations have various means by which they judge the criteria for a person to attain teaching positions. Seibukan is jointly affiliated with the Kodo Butoku Renmei. They have a hanshi grading board called the Hanshi no Iinkai which is recognized and endorsed by Seibukan.


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